Die Antwoord :: New Details Emerge on Upcoming Album :: Donker Mag (UPDATED)

This is an update on the band Die Antwoord by Colm Hogan from the Digital Graffiti blog. He included some interesting videos that cover the history of the band. I had the pleasure of seeing Die Antwoord at Bonnaroo, and they put on a hell of a show. Not my usual musical taste but there’s just something about them that I love. Is there an artist that you were surprised that you liked when you started listening to them, or saw them live? T

die_antwoord_x2Watch the new single for Donker Mag, entitled Pitbull Terrier over here. To buy a track, go here.

Die Antwoord has left us some cryptic clues regarding their upcoming album entitled Donker Mag. In the form of a fill in the blanks crossword puzzle style, Yolandi left us with the possible track listing on their facebook page. Here’s her post from October 19:

bubble bubble toil and trouble…
guess wat we gt cookin!
1-D_NK_R M_G
2-C_ _KI_ TH_MP_R
3-P_TB_ _ L TE_ _ _ _R
4-S_R_ _ K
5-CR_ S_
6-_ _X
7-I D_ _ _ D_ _ NK
8-D_ _ TIME I_ _ B P_ _ _ _ _G
9-GIR_ I W_NT 2 _AT U
10-_ _ _PY G_ S_ _ _Y F_ _ K_
11-L_TS J_S_ B _R_ _ _ _Z
12-U_L_ B_ _ ft A_ _ _X T_ _ _
13-Y_ _…

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One thought on “Die Antwoord :: New Details Emerge on Upcoming Album :: Donker Mag (UPDATED)

  1. I think I was most surprised when I found myself liking my son’s favorite Earl Sweatshirt song, Chum.
    I kind of couldn’t believe it as I have always been an Indie alternative kind of girl… but it’s catchy. DARK. but catchy… 🙂


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