New Tunes Tuesday!

I stumbled upon Noah and the Whale in the last year when I was going through a tough time. They’ve been around since 2008, and I just rekindled my romance with them this week. Listening to their albums just makes me feel like everything is going to be ok. They make my heart a little lighter. Shortly after I discovered them, they happened to be playing a live show here in Austin. Nothing like falling in love with a band and then getting to see them live a couple of weeks later! Enjoy!


New Tunes Tuesday!

I have decided that every other Tuesday I will post a video of a band or song that I’m currently digging. They won’t necessarily be brand new songs or artists, just new to me, or new on my radar, or old favorites currently in heavy rotation. I’ve been hearing the name Beats Antique for quite a while now but I just recently had a good listen. I have to say I fell in love. They have been in heavy rotation for me for the last couple of weeks. I find I’m very into instrumental music lately. My mother lives in India part time, and she studies sacred sound. She introduced me to kirtans and chanting in Sanskrit, which I also find soothing.  So here’s a YouTube video of Beats Antique playing live at Bumbershoot 2013 in Seattle. I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear what you are listening to lately! I always love to hear suggestions of who to check out next!

Armchair or Being There

Rob Kronenburg thinks Being There wins. I have to agree. What do you think?

rob kronenburg

San Fermin at Liverpool Cathedral, Sound City 2014 San Fermin at Liverpool Cathedral, Sound City 2014

I’m just recovering from an extended period of slouching around watching TV and streams via BBC’s extended broadcast of the Glastonbury Festival. It was for the most part an easy listening experience, sitting there with a drink (and toilets) close by, sometimes with friends and family talking about the acts, sometimes on my own and fully engaged, and sometimes also leafing through the paper or even doing a bit of work. For the most part the shows were really well screened with reasonable measures of crowd scenes with the main focus on the performers. The bits in between – the short interviews, plugs for new releases, mini-docs and presenter links were for me completely disposable and seemed to be aimed at an audience who had stumbled on the transmission by accident and there to reassure them that Aunty Beeb was looking…

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